The Plan

It all begins with a plan.  “Aim at nothing hit it every time” Anonymous


The Process

The plan becomes a reality.  “Reality is the proof there was a designer” Allen Diaz

The Prize

We take the plan, go beyond reality, and create the dream. Are you ready to make your dream a reality?

New Home Construction


Looking to build that custom home?  Do you want to make something that fits your style, your way of life?  Here at D & C Construction we don’t just build homes from the ground up, we build dreams.  If you can dream it we can build it.  Our new home construction team has built several hundred homes spanning the great state of California.

When it comes to building your dream home don’t leave it to someone inexperienced and whatever you do make sure that your contractor has all the right qualifications.  Thousands of family’s have been hurt due to both bad licensed and unlicensed contractors.  In fact you could be arrested for using unlicensed contractors, see abc news link here.  The first thing you want to do when looking for a contractor is to make sure they have a contractor license.  This is not the same thing as a business license.  A business license can be purchased for $25 to $125 dollars depending on the city you live, this process only takes a day.  But a contractor license is not just purchased a contractor must pass two tests, both the law and the trade, in order to qualify to be a California State Licensed Contractor.  Then they undergo a deep criminal search with the Department of Justice by submitting their fingerprints.  When a family hires an unlicensed contractor they run the risk of bringing a known felon or pedophile into their home.

Here at D & C construction you can rest assured that each of our contractors are vested and adhere to the strictest of the California State qualifications.  We have been doing construction for over 35 years and know how it works.  Take a look at our gallery of photos to see the quality of our custom home construction projects.  It is quite possible that we have a home that we have built in your area.

Second, make sure your contractor has the necessary insurance.  Did you know that the construction industry has the highest injury rate of all industries in the entire United States.  If your contractor has a helper and no workers compensation insurance and that helper gets injured they can go after your Home Owners Insurance.  You can check the contractors license and insurance by going to the Contractor State License Board and typing in their Contractors License number.

As professional home construction contractors, we build that dream home in its proper order.  Although all homes vary, here is a general overview of the necessary steps that need to be taken when building that custom home: (Prices based on a home around 2500s.f.)

Home Building Steps

  1. Soil test which you may expect to pay somewhere between $3000 to $5000 dollars.
  2. Grading which can run from $2800 – $35,000 depending on the size of the lot.
  3. Compaction test will cost you around $2000 to $5000
  4. Then we have the underground utilities which have to be run to the property. $TBD
  5. Water test if you have a well $1500 to $3000.
  6. Blueprints can easily run from $5,000 to $15,000 on a medium size home.
  7. Permits, which are issued by the city or county can range from $3,500 to $25,000
  8. Grading $20,000 to $50,000

Once those steps are complete then the house can be built.  Generally, most contractors proceed in the following order, always working from the outside to the inside:

  1. Footings
  2. Slab poured
  3. Framing
  4. Sheeting
  5. Roof
  6. Rough Electrical and plumbing
  7. Insulation
  8. Drywall/tape/mud/texture
  9. Doors/windows
  10. Stucco
  11. Finish Carpentry

We take the necessary steps to make sure your new home construction is done in a timely manner, with the greatest care so that your home is built right and looks magnificent.  When it comes to building your next custom home look no further than the specialists at D & C Construction.

Excellent Quality and Craftsmanship.

Gary N.

D & C Construction are great contractors with superior craftsmanship.  Their attention to detail, competitive prices, and ability to effectively manage the process made our project go really smooth.  I would highly recommend.

Jeff G.

They did a fabulous job!  If you get a chance to have these guys build you a home jump on it, they will take care of you.

Yolanda C.

Step 1 - Plan Your Project

Step 1 - The Plan

Every good new home construction project starts with a plan.

Step 2 - The Process

Every successful building project moves through a timely step-by-step process.

Step 3 - The Prize

Following a great plan, through a well thought out process, results in a home well built.