Here at D & C Construction we specialize in General Construction which means we do everything from foundation to finish. In essence we become the General project manager that makes sure the following five things are done correctly:

  1. The process is done correctly – The process of the project can make or break a company.  A construction project without organization is a mess and one of the 3 main reasons that 80% of all Contractors in the United States fail and or go Bankrupt.  You need a team you can trust, a team that knows what they are doing, you need D & C Construction.
  2. The schedule is kept on track.  It is a rare person that thrives on confrontation.  When a contractor is slacking, not producing, or performing sub-par work we do what needs to be done to make sure that project exceeds your expectation while by keeping a tight rein on all of our subcontractors.  Our motto: Inspect what you expect.
  3. The contractors for each individual trade (subcontractor) are licesnsed, bonded and insured.  As seen on the television series, “To Catch A Contractor” it is against the law for a handyman or any other unlicensed person to do work over $500 for one client in a year which includes labor and materials.  So if you purchased a front door for over $500 dollars it is against the law for an unlicensed handyman to install it.  Fines can run as high as $25,000.00.  What does licensed mean?  This means that they carry a specialized license from the California State License Board to construct in the State of California, this is NOT a business license.  Check license at www.CSLB.CA.GOV
  4. The subcontractor knows what they are doing and are treating your home or commercial project as their very own.
  5. The process, management, and logistics are streamlined and properly calculated to produce quality work at a reasonable price.

In order to best assist you with your project please see our list of services which we help you with:

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